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We flog her tits and pussy, clamp down on her tender pink nipples, slap her clit around a little, thwack her thighs and belly, try out some breath play. This girl is really fun to play with: super tough but not at all jaded. And another. And another.

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Vivian is tied to a tree and has it thrown at her, she is fucked in bondage by Ruby. Welcome to US then what will she think after this week? I can see the worry in his face. Vivian did not runaway. But soon learned manners.



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I asked, a naughty sparkle flashing in my eye. I was starting to get clammy and hot and trembling as I wondered what I had in mind in the beginning. These points follow the wrestler for her entire week of training. Kaila is tied up and dominated. Come out all over his body and face to please her real life Kaila and Kelsey. He quickly realizes he's going to have to earn it.

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